TEEmail_November 2013_Higer

A Message From Our Executive Director

I’ll just say it… I am a Facebook addict! I absolutely love Facebook and stalk everyone’s posts, look at their pictures, and read and listen to their links. I have learned so much about those I care deeply for as well as those who I may have just met a time or two.   I know what causes are dear to their hearts, what successes their children have had and even the heartbreaks that occur when least expected. My friends have shared their hopes, their dreams, and their witty repartee.

Yes, I do love Facebook. While I know that there are those who feel that too much information is shared, I just eat it all up. I will be honest. I moved earlier this month and really didn’t want to deal with all the unpacking myself, so I posted on Facebook about my entire move and invited my friends to help me. Lo and behold, my friends were there for me and I was completely unpacked within a couple days.

For November, many of my friends chose to post a daily log of all those people, places and things that make them grateful. I actually thought about participating. But I didn’t think about it until the end of the first week, and my anal retentiveness made me think it was too late in the month to start. So, rather than listing 30 days of items that make me feel grateful, I wanted to share my Top 4 in David Letterman order:


4. My pup. Let’s be honest, those who know me knew that Hercules would be a part of this list. The companionship that a pet provides is invaluable and I recommend it to anyone who has the time and resources to care for a dog, cat or other animal.


3. Temple Emanu El. Our congregation is filled with those who truly care about others. We need to support our synagogue as a community with our hearts, our participation, and our dollars to ensure that TEE is here for future generations. I am blessed that this is the place where I work and choose to affiliate.


2. My family and my friends who seem like family including my co-workers. Make sure that you always remember to cherish the ones you love the most as their unconditional love will see you through the days when you want to throw the covers over your eyes and the days when you want to rejoice in every moment.


1. My daughter. While I am not all that spiritual of a person, I thank God on a daily basis that I have had the opportunity to be Mom to Codie. She is the greatest gift I will ever receive. Be thankful for those you have in your lives.

With the Festival of Lights upon us, remember the greatest presents are not necessarily tangible but are those who we can put our arms around.

Happy Chanukah,

Renee Higer

Executive Director