Life Cycle Events

Life has a path with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Temple Emanu El clergy will walk this path with you.


TEE is proud of its tradition of caring for our Temple family in times of both joy and sadness through the work of our excellent clergy. Our clergy looks forward to being part of your family’s life cycle events and will help make these special events meaningful and spiritual experiences. Among the benefits of membership are the services of full-time clergy at the events and occasions described in the attached brochure (see link below), without additional fees.  As Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Roberts is entitled to charge for his services.

This life cycle policy is based on the principle that the clergy, whose work we support through membership at TEE, should dedicate their time and efforts primarily to the service of our congregants.  The attached brochure defines the roles and functions of the clergy so you, our members, will understand the scope of their roles in serving you and your family.  Because no written document can cover every eventuality, we encourage you to discuss any questions with the clergy or executive director.

Members in good standing of synagogues outside of the Greater Cleveland area with lifecycle needs in our community may receive our clergy’s services as a reciprocal courtesy.  The spiritual leader of the home congregation should contact our clergy to make a referral.

So that we can best serve you and avoid scheduling conflicts, it is advisable to contact the clergy as soon as possible to discuss upcoming events and needs.

Please contact Judi Roseman, for details on how we can serve you during your family’s life cycle events.