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A Message From Our Executive Director

My daughter, Codie, is studying abroad in the Netherlands this semester. As part of the program through Emerson College, she is able to travel in small groups each weekend around Europe. It’s an incredible opportunity as Codie has already been to Amsterdam and Belgium. Her schedule includes France, Italy, Spain, and England… and she hasn’t figured out all her weekend getaways yet. So, my pastime right now is living vicariously through my child!


Since we have travelled very little, this is all novel and unfamiliar to Codie. Luckily, I know that I have provided her with the tools needed to navigate this exciting new world.


For the first time, Codie is learning to track her expenses as we budgeted a specific amount of travel money for her to use each month. While Greece was definitely on her wish list, after checking out flights, hostels, and meals, she and others quickly realized that for now, this excursion is not in the cards.


For these short trips, Codie has figured out who are the best travel companions. Having an understanding of how one relates to others is so important. Before venturing on this journey, Codie clearly embraced just how fortunate she was to have this opportunity and determined that she wanted to make the most out of each “port of call.” Because of this, she has chosen to travel with others who share her interests.


For those who are Facebook friends with either Codie or me, you will be able to see and read all about Codie’s adventures through her blog and through both our posts. Making sure she absorbs all that she is seeing is essential. She’s already had the chance to visit the Anne Frank Museum, the Stedelijk Museum (of contemporary art), and the Red Light District Museum (on the reality of legalized prostitution) in Amsterdam. In Belgium, she viewed the Basilica of the Holy Blood as well as the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. As she continues on her mission to visit to as many places as possible, I look forward to hearing much more about her impressions.


So, yes, I am living vicariously through my daughter… but in this case, it really is a good thing!

Happy travels, my girl!

Renee Higer

Executive Director