TEEmail_February 2015_Uram

It’s all about why!

It really is about “why” – why you belong, why you participate and why we as a synagogue do what we do.  It is not the “what” but the “why” that inspires and motivates and engages us.

We are a congregation that believes in the vitality of the Jewish people. We believe in working towards a better world and cultivating personalities that are deep with spiritual intention and Jewish wisdom. We believe that the future lies with our children and with their connection to Israel and the Jewish people. We believe that “In Our House” there lies the heart of a family.

That’s why we do all that we do.

Your Board of Trustees, your leaders, your clergy and staff all believe that as we join together to strengthen our community, we grow stronger in our relationships with ourselves and with others.  When we trust, when we share a common vision, we have purpose and confidence in the future.  When we come together to work as a team for a common goal, we connect with each other. When we work together, our commitment is strengthened and our bonds of friendship and loyalty are strengthened as well.

That’s why we do all that we do.

We American Jews are fortunate!  We feel secure and safe. Yet, the news is filled with repeated attacks on our brethren in Europe.  These incidents are constant reminders that the vitality of the Jewish people matters as much today as ever and that our synagogue, our TEE, needs to be there for us, for our spiritual well-being and for the future of our children.

That’s why we do all that we do.

We do what we do because we care about the future of Jewish Cleveland and of the Jewish People. That’s why you are so important to us!  Come join us as we strive to make each day count and as we joyously celebrate our Judaism.

Judy Uram, President