Getting To Know Us_January 2015

Getting To Know Us

Marty Krasny

Dr. Martin Krasny, 92, a sparkly eyed, retired dentist, treated many of TEE’s congregants and their families during his distinguished career.  Born and raised in Cleveland, his knowledge of TEE and Cleveland’s Jewish community is impressive.  He is now a resident at Montefiore’s facility.

When asked about his philosophy of life, Marty promptly responded, “life can be extremely fulfilling” as it was with his late, dear wife, Rita, two loving daughters, Hermine (David) Ostro and Marla (Steven) Taub, and his impressively accomplished grandchildren.  He then added, with a twinkle in his eye, “it can also be a pain in the anatomy!”  Well said, Marty, well said.  For those who have the pleasure of knowing Marty, his sense of humor is characteristic of this special man.

During his earlier life, Marty served in two military actions for our country.  Enlisting in 1942, he served in WWII through 1944.  In 1952, he was called up to serve, once again, in the Korean War.  He had, between both military campaigns, graduated with his Dental Degree from Western Reserve in 1948 setting up his office at 79th and Euclid Avenue.  His prior education includes graduating from John Adams H.S. and Adelbert College at Western Reserve University.

He and his wife, Rita, became active in the Jewish National Fund.  Their dedication to the State of Israel was, and is, unwavering.  They led three tours for JNF in Israel.  For their dedicated efforts, they were honored by Israel and the Congress of the United States.  In Israel, they had helped to plant two to three million trees in twenty five forests.  In the U.S., they were recognized for establishing Cleveland’s JNF Garden Club.  Marty received the ‘Shalom’ Award from TEE for his selling Israel Bonds.  Dr. Krasny proceeded to become a Docent at our Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  He has held the office of Vice President at TEE as well as JNF’s National Board.  He has been an active member of the TEE’s Men’s Book Club which meets at the first Monday of each month at Montefiore.

Recording the “story” of his life, I was fascinated by Marty and Rita’s dedication to gardening and the greening of Israel.  Asking him what “planting” meant to him, he responded with sage words.  He stated, “growing green plants of all sorts is representative of God’s  goodness ”.

Submitted by Roy Schlachter