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Divrei Torah Archives

D’var Torah (plural is Divrei Torah) literally means “word of Torah” or an interpretation of the week’s Torah portion. Rabbi Denker and Cantor Lawrence's Divrei Torah, as originally seen in our TEEMail newsletter, are archived below.

Divrei Torah by Rabbi Steve Denker

Rabbi Denker head shot

Parshah Vaera (January 2017)
Parshah Miketz (December 2016)
Parshah Toldot (November 2016)
Parshah Bereshit (October 2016)
Parshah Nitzavim (September 2016)
Parshah Eikev
 (August 2016)
Parshah Pinchas
 (July 2016)
Parshah Hukkat (June 2016)
Parshah Nasso (May 2016)
 (April 2016)
Parshah Shemini
(March 2016)
Parshah Ki Tisa (February 2016)
Parshah Yitro (January 2016)
Parshah Shemot (December 2015)
Parshah Vayishlach (November 2015)
Parshah Vayera (October 2015)
Parshah Ha'Azinu (September 2015)
Parshah Ki Teitzei (August 2015)
Parshah Vaethchanan (July 2015)
Parshah Chukat - Video (June 2015)
Nasso - Video (May 2015)
Sheminihemini - Video (April 2015)
Tzav - Shabbat HaGadol - Video (March 2015)
Remembering To Forget To Remember (February 2015)
Forward - The Only Way To Go (January 2015)
Another Light (December 2014)
Causing Thanks (November 2014)
Connection Crises (October 2014)
Cleverly Naked (October 2014)
A Job Never Done (September 2014)
Shabbat Mase'ei  (August 2014)
Each Month, Every Shabbat (June 2014)
Heads Up (May 2014)


 Divrei Torah by Cantor Rick Lawrence

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Parshah Veyeshev (December 2016)
Parshah Chayei Sarah (November 2016)
Parshah Ki Tavo (September 2016)
Parshah Vaetchanan
(August 2016)
Parshah Balak (July 2016)
Parshah Shelach (June 2016)
Parshah Emor (May 2016)
(April 2016)
Parshah Tzav (March 2016)
Parshah Tetzaveh (February 2016)
Parshah B'shalach
(January 2016)
Parshah Vayechi (December 2015)
Parshah Vayetzei (November 2015)
Parshah Lech Lecha (October 2015)
Hungry for Action (September 2015)
Parshah Shoftim (August 2015)
Parshah Devarim (July 2015) 
Parshah Korach (June 2015)
B'Midbar - Count Me In - Video (May 2015)
Tazria-Metzora - Video (April 2015)
Vayikra - Video D'var Torah (March 2015)
There's No Place Like Home (February 2015)
More Emancipation To Be Done (January 2015)
By Any Means Necessary (December 2014)
Water, Water Everywhere (November 2014)
I Said, Do You Speak My Language? (October 2014)
To Life (September 2014)
With Liberty And Justice For All? (August 2014)
I Swear I Should Be Educated (July 2014)