David Bedein of the Israel Resource News Agency/Center for Near East Policy Research gave an interesting and informative talk at Temple Emanu El on June 18, you can learn more by following the links below:

At a time when the Arab Israeli war continues into its seventh decade, the most persistent issue of that war remains the “right of return”: the Arab refugees demand to take back villages that existed before 1948. 

UNRWA, the UN agency that operates  59 Arab refugee camps, now oversees a massive education system which includes new school books used by UNRWA which indoctrinate a fourth generation of Arab refugees to see only one option for their future: the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine, by force of arms. 

Our agency has vetted  the 150  new school books used by UNRWA and found their news texts to  promote three “values”: 

The “right of return” by force of arms, “Jihad” to liberate all of Palestine, and the illegitimacy of Israel to even exist

 * UNRWA’s Problematic Educational Role in the Middle East Conflict 


The  idea now is to introduce a new agenda for peace in the Middle East, called the UNRWA REFORM INITIATIVE, to ask nations that fund UNRWA Arab to redirect their donations to peace.

Since the US government provides at least one third of the 1.2 billion dollar UNRWA budget, UNRWA is an American issue.

To that end, our agency seeks your help to sponsor a  new film that we plan to shoot on location in UNRWA facilities in August and then to present the movie in the halls of the US Congress and the Parliaments of all other major donor nations  in the Fall, so that donors to UNRWA will condition future contributions to UNRWA on “education for peace”;

This is the funding avenue to sponsor that task at hand: http://israelbehindthenews.com/donations.html

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Our Short Films: 

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