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Message From Tobi Mattes, VP of Communications

“To be a Jew means to favor progress without disregarding the old.  The inner life-force of Judaism has always consisted in building further on existing foundations.” Karpeles

 Who am I and why am I sharing my thoughts with you?  As the Temple’s VP, Communications, I’m expected to communicate (at least from time to time); to work with committees and task groups to get their messages out in a clear and effective way; to help write and design many of the letters, flyers, postcards etc. that go out to you explaining dues, asking for money, inviting you to programs and activities – and, to advise, if asked.

While a vice president of communications, per se, is a new role on the Board, it is not a new role for me.  My husband and I have been professional communicators, for better or worse, for many, many years – only this time for you, our Temple community, and with no bill for service at the end of a project.

This is my way of saying that I am here for you, my Temple family of almost 40 years.

Another aspect of communications comes from within our congregation. If you are willing to share them with us, I want to know about the wonderful things that happen to you and your family and also the special talents you may have that will help our Temple.

Communication is the core of all our relationships.  It’s how we let our fellow congregants and the greater Jewish community know who and what we are.

Tobi Mattes, VP Communications

And the reason I chose the quote at the beginning of this article?  I just liked it.