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4x5 Color_for_Internet_Uram_0013Welcome to Temple Emanu El. We are a reform congregation conveniently located to encompass the Jewish community in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. Our doors are open to you and your family. Please come join us for Shabbat services, for learning opportunities, for fun and spirituality. We are a family centered congregation and strive to provide opportunities for members of all ages and interests to be meaningfully engaged.

At Temple Emanu El, we believe that learning is life-long. We know that our children are our future, but we also know that our parents and grandparents may want to gain knowledge and insight as well. Our religious school is outstanding with a child-centered approach and an active, participatory learning environment that has been recognized nationally. Our students are active in youth group, activities, camp and family retreats.  Our pre-school is a warm and nurturing environment for our little ones. And for the adult learner, we have much to offer. Whether you love to cook, have a passion for music, are an avid reader or enjoy Torah discussion, we have a spot for you.

We strive to be your Jewish home away from home. Come visit us and find out more.

Judy Uram, President

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1356crisis WEB-content-page-banner_7-9-14Please join us now in supporting the emergency needs of our sisters and brothers’ in Israel.  You may donate online below:
Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Israel Emergency Assistance Fund
Call:  216.593.2900, ext. 400;
Mail: Jewish Federation of Cleveland, P.O. Box 74320, Cleveland, OH 44194-4320
For more information, visit the Rabbi's Study Below ↓

Rabbi's Study

Rabbi Bima_editShabbat Mase’ei 5774
Numbers 33:1-36:13
Jeremiah 2:4-2:28, 3:4

Children ask: “If God wants us to have the Land of Israel, why didn’t God just give it to us?”  And, with 36 out of 40 years, 90% of the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land left unreported, it is very likely that, over three and a half decades, the same question occurred to at least one of our Hebrew ancestors.

It is a good question to be asking now, as the soldiers of the IDF are once again placed in harm’s way in order to stop the rockets, end the infiltrations and safeguard our people in the Land of Promise, indeed, throughout the world. 

The classic answer is that while God’s Covenant with the People of Israel is eternal and unbreakable the promise of residency in the Land is intermittent and dependent on our actions.  Even if, by our behavior, we stretch and strain our relationship with God, the Brit (covenant) is a continuous commitment.  It is something that both we, and God, own.  However, The Land, like all lands, is owned only by God and we are granted the right to live there as leaseholders rather than owners.  There is no commitment saying that our tenancy will remain either uninterrupted or unchallenged.      

At Sinai, when the Covenant with the People Israel was made, we were largely passive recipients, instructed to stand back from the mountain and watch.  Other than the verbal acceptance indicated by having said “na’aseh v’nishma” (we will do and observe) we were not required to do very much. 

This week, the concluding passages of the Book of B’midbar, (literally: In the Wilderness) finds the Hebrews preparing to cross over the Jordan and become Israelites.   The text makes it clear, as it has for the past couple of weeks, that possessing The Land is going to be a difficult and dangerous task.  Our history, Biblical and beyond, demonstrates that holding onto The Land depends on the commitment of our people both in Israel and around the world.

Once we are secure in the Land, then it is our responsibility to there build a peaceful and just society.  Today, after two millennia of the most recent wandering, God has, just a short time ago, renewed our lease.  Clearly, there is much work yet to be done!

Please join us now in supporting our sisters and brothers’ emergency needs.  You may donate through:

Jewish Federation of Cleveland – Israel Emergency Assistance Fund, www.jewishcleveland.org; phone, 216.593.2900, ext. 400; or mail, Jewish Federation of Cleveland, P.O. Box 74320, Cleveland, OH 44194-4320, Re: Israel Emergency Assistance Fund or Union for Reform Judaism, www.urj.org or the Jewish Federations of North America, www.jewishfederations.org.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 17 ~ Baking ~ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Join us in the TEE Kitchen to help WOTEE stock the freezer with baked goods for the Shabbat Pre-Receptions. For information or to RSVP, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Sunday, August 24 ~ All Temple Picnic ~ 12:00 pm
Join us for our annual picnic for all ages. There will be food, crafts, volleyball, activities for children, teens, adults and seniors and a chance to meet Cantor Lawrence. The picnic will begin with a meet and greet with your children's Religious School teachers. 

Thursday, August 28 ~ Soup Kitchen ~ 4:00/4:30 pm
Join us to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen at Calvary Presbyterian Church. Participants ages 12 and up can either meet at 4:00 pm at Mitchell's Ice Cream at La Place for carpooling or meet at the church at 4:30 pm. In addition, we need volunteers to prepare pans of spaghetti in advance. Click here for the required recipe. If you are volunteering, you can bring the spaghetti with you or the Tikkun Olam Committee can arrange for someone to bring your donation. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at 440/461-7275 to volunteer and/or make spaghetti.

Sunday, August 31 ~ Salute to Orange ~ 5:30 pm
Enjoy this community event behind Orange Village City Hall including food, activities and music. Don't forget to stop by TEE's information table. Event concludes with fireworks at dusk.

Monday, September 1 ~ Kosher Rib Burnoff ~ noon to 5:00 pm

Come support the TEE team at the Kosher Rib Burn Off and enjoy the best ribs in town along with games, entertainment, prizes and more held in the Gross Schechter Day School Parking Lot at 27601 Fairmount Blvd. Pepper Pike. Click here for more information.

Press Room

News about Temple Emanu El can frequently be found in the pages of the Cleveland Jewish News, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Solon Times, Chagrin Valley Times as well as others. Some recent articles include:

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Cantor's Corner

Cantor Lawrence_Reception_editedWe are pleased to welcome Richard Lawrence as Temple Emanu El’s new Cantor. Please join us for Shabbat services as well as programs and events at TEE to get to know him. You can now follow Cantor Rick on Facebook. Click here to see his page.